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Challenge the Skilleo Community

Did you notice the big yellow button that we placed above the code challenge’s list? Yes that one!

This means that, besides solving code challenges, you can now challenge the entire community by creating your own code challenge on Skilleo!

Presenting: Wolfram Language

Mathematician Stephen Wolfram, creator of the mathematical software Mathematica and the “computational knowledge engine” Wolfram|Alpha, has announced the forthcoming release of the Wolfram Language, the underlying programming language powering those two pieces of software.

Check out Wolfram website for more info.

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The Best 4 PHP Frameworks of 2014

It’s been a month and a half in 2014 and many of you all may have been looking for best PHP frameworks to use in your PHP development project to make it successful. Here is a list of 4 best PHP frameworks that you should try (if you haven’t already): (more…)

Atom, by Github, is now in public beta

Github just launched the public beta of Atom, a new text editor that’s deeply programmable but also easy to use. (more…)

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