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Updates For The Boys

We have some great news to share with our community. We just released an interesting set of new features (some are new, others are fixes and even workarounds)

Here is the list:

  • Code Challenges, made by Companies on Skilleo
  • Changes on Developer’s profile
  • Draft jobs
  • CSS tweaks
  • New Signup Process
  • Search for jobs, as Guest, without Login required to see more
  • Chat Service as Guest
  • New Search Filters
  • Pricing (only for Companies)
  • Improved security


New Features on Skilleo

We’re starting 2014 with a huge update on Skilleo.

When we launched Skilleo we decided to first focus on creating the most essential options for companies to find the best IT specialists.

Now, the time has come to show what we had in mind for you, as an IT specialist, to prove how skillful you are to companies, friends and other IT guys in your community. (more…)