Updates For The Boys

We have some great news to share with our community. We just released an interesting set of new features (some are new, others are fixes and even workarounds)

Here is the list:

  • Code Challenges, made by Companies on Skilleo
  • Changes on Developer’s profile
  • Draft jobs
  • CSS tweaks
  • New Signup Process
  • Search for jobs, as Guest, without Login required to see more
  • Chat Service as Guest
  • New Search Filters
  • Pricing (only for Companies)
  • Improved security

Code Challenges, made by Companies on Skilleo

One of the main objectives we always thought about, since the first time we started the development of our Code Challenges was that Companies should also have an important part on this.
We wanted Companies to challenge Developers and invite them to prove their skills, making both Companies and Developers share a common ground between them. This would also enlarge our variety of Code Challenges since each Challenge, made by Companies, is related with what they do. Checkout Musicverb example.

Changes on Developer’s profile

Front-end changes were implemented so Developers could have a more seamless information about them. We now don’t mention the Industry field for each Developer and it’s possible to customize the headline, below the Developer’s name.

Draft jobs

This one was requested by a great amount of Companies here on Skilleo. The possibility to start building the listing of a job ad and save it for later conclusion or share with colleagues, requested the implementation of a feature to allow jobs to be saved as Drafts for later release online.

CSS tweaks

Borders, alignments, fixed header, sizes, text sentences, you name it

New Signup Process

A more friendly (and shorter) Signup process was implemented, so users could understand in detail what Skilleo allows them to do once registered.

Search for jobs, as Guest, without Login required to see more

Now you can consult our complete list of available job openings, without the need to login to see them. Time saver.

Chat Service as Guest

In the past, once you logged in on Skilleo, you would have access to a chat channel on the bottom right corner of the website (the grey one) and you could talk with Joao, our Happiness Officer to request support. Now, even as a Guest you can do this and don’t be surprise if, suddenly, Joao starts chatting with you, to know how are you and if you need any help on Skilleo

New Search Filters

On a previous release, we implemented our Advanced Search on every search result but 2 new search options were missing: the Developers Work Availability status and search in a range, who is in the Top 100 Leaderboard of our Code Challenges. Just turning results even more precise.

Pricing (only for Companies)

Since the moment Skilleo said “Hello World”, we started as a 100% free service, focused on Customer Acquisition and Product Testing. Now, after we successfully helped 46 Developers get a new job, it’s time to make the Skilleo even more exclusive to companies that really want the best Developers.
For this, we started making Skilleo a paid system for Companies but to help make the transition from a free service to a paid one, we allow each job ad to be created free on a monthly basis. Skilleo is a payed service if the same company wish to add a new job listing during those 31 days of free period, make the job listing featured on search results or wish to invite more than 5 Developers for a job.
Checkout our Pricing page for more information and checkout how flexible we are for both startups to large corporations to hire on Skilleo.

Improved security

Since Skilleo started to be a payed service for Companies, we needed to reinforce our security standards and protocols. We started to have SSL encryption and curious enough, the next day we implemented our SSL certificate, the Heartbleed bug goes global… We then updated the OpenSSL and reseted passwords.

Hope you enjoyed these new updates. If you wish to share any idea of feedback with us, just let us know on our Feedback & Support section, we would love to receive your opinion.

Our special Thanks to those who shared their opinion and ideas and which were implemented on this update, kudos for that:
João Amaral
Mário Saleiro


Joao Carvalho

Founder at Skilleo. Social and tech problem solver. Open Source advocate. 24/7 Geek, MOOC enthusiast.